The website is one of my favourites due to its simplicity. Chanel couture clothing, jewellery, accessories are some of the most coveted in the world and yet the website itself is quite plain and simple, which shows that you do not need a lot of bells and whistles in order to make an impact.

Simplicity portrayed by an ordinary white and black colour scheme works because it does not detract away from the products being sold. A plain background with a recognisable font is ideal to set of the Chanel offerings. There is very straightforward navigation for each of the key categories to keep the home page uncluttered. Once you click into a category a mega menu setup presents itself, which again is clearly laid out so the user can easily navigate to where they want to be.

This is, in fact, true of other high-end designer websites as well. Check out and for a similar style set up.

A website should be  showcase your services and products in an effective way. If it is too ‘busy’ then it will detract away from your offerings. I recommend keeping things as simple as possible, both in terms of navigation and ‘look and feel’.

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